BeAttitudes - Finishing Institute and Event Management
BeAttitudes offers professional etiquette training and event management  to our Caribbean homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.
Our two core services delivers training through our Finishing Institute and professional event management though BeAttitudes.

 At BeAttitudes Finishing Institute (BFI), training is facilitated by certified, experienced and professional  personnel to deliver an interactive, informative and impacting learning experience.
Our culture once upheld the pillars of community parenting and acceptable social behaviour, evident in the social graces of our parents and forefathers. 

Unfortunately, these basic integral teachings are more and more losing its position on the list of priorities for parents. Our homes no longer have time for family dinner much less basic manners- but that’s where it all begins- at home. The corporate world is populated by the products of the nation’s homes.

BFI helps you understand the ABC's of a wide range of personal and professional  skills.  
Personal skills include proper dining, with the use Silent Service code, napkin use, eating styles, table settings and  more in our Dining Decorum session.

 Professional skills include business protocol, basic internal protocol and event management skills.
About Us
Prior to starting BeAttitudes in 2005, Mrs. Henry enjoyed a little over a decade in the banking industry. In her administrative capacity, she was offered many opportunities to flex her planning skills and plan in-branch staff activities. This stirred her interest in event planning and led her to pursue and achieve professional certification in Event Management offered by The George Washington University through the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. She has successfully managed Christmas Functions, Birthday Parties, Weddings and Wedding Expositions, Corporate Meetings, Weekend Retreats, Cruises, Themed Events and many more.  

During this certification, her exposure to Event Protocol propelled her to explore this necessary but untapped area of events. As her passion for this field grew she chose to change career paths and marry Event Management with Protocol Training and as such, the company BeAttitudes was born. 

She then pursued training as an Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant with The Protocol School of Washington - the leader in etiquette and protocol services. She now blends her professionalism with a wealth of knowledge to present her topics in an interactive and entertaining format. She conducted many workshops over the past few years including Hosting, Dining, Social and Business Etiquette and continues to create new and customized programs such as “Graduation and Beyond” for college students to introduce them to the world of business. She is committed to lifelong learning and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business and Event Management.

Vision BeAttitudes is committed to being the leading catalyst for attitudinal change that will improve civility and foster an event culture of excellence in the Caribbean. Vision Slogan 'Improving our people, one attitude at a time'  Mission Statement  Our mission is to provide a signature of service excellence to our customers, through the delivery of quality etiquette training and events. We are committed to leading by example, providing qualified and professional internal and external staff. Core Values  Quality - constantly exposes customers to quality training, quality staff and quality events Respect - reflect the mantra of etiquette and protocol by showing respect to customers, staff, vendors and the public at large. Ethics- support civility by ensuring ethical behaviour in our social and business relations. Community Development - improve the community in which we exist and operate through training and event vendor selection.