BeAttitudes - Personal Attitude
BeAttitudes - ...attitudes for your best you!
'Don't continue living life as a diamond in the rough...' Polish off life's rough edges with our wide and unique range of training solutions that promises to improve your 
Personal Attitude.
Dining Decorum- Learn the ABC's of proper dining including the silent service code, napkin use, styles of eating, formal table settings, handling difficult foods, fine dining and much more.   Setting Styles- Learn the art of setting tables for formal , informal and casual dining. 

Social Savvy- Boost self confidence in this highly interactive program that includes handshaking, introductions, toasting, mingling, conversational skills and dining skills. 

 Professional Polish -the little tools for success in the business environment includes, business introductions, business card protocol, telephone etiquette, electronic etiquette, forms of address and much more.   

Graduation and Beyond- Students break out to the new world of work equipped with tools such as forms of address, introductions, image, posture, speech, dining dos and don'ts, conversational etiquette, resume writing, and interview skills. Be prepared!
Hidden Messages- Take control of your image and learn to manage your posture, body language, dress ethic, personal style and much more. 

Hosting Etiquette  - Preparing to entertain for an event or offer accommodation for visitors? Learn to prepare your guest room, dining plans, décor dos and don'ts and many more tools that would surely win the hearts of your guests. 
We did not forget the young ones. Our Future Solutions program includes kid-friendly topics complete with workbooks, such as:-
  • Helping Hands
  • All About Me
  • Talk Time
  • Kid Safety
  • Express Yourself