BeAttitudes - Professional Attitude
BeAttitudes - ...attitudes for your best you!

Impress your clients and smoothen those rough edges in the marketplace. Our Professional Attitude is an excellent addition to your company's orientation and is designed to sharpen your team and develop a mindset of service excellence.   

Event ProtocolAdd a touch of class to your next event and avoid diplomatic or social faux pas.  We marry the art and science of protocol  with elements such as-escorting/ushering, program protocol, VIP research, receiving lines, introductions, handshaking, toasting, seating plans and  order of precedence.

 Professional Polish -these tools for success in the business environment includes, business introductions, business card protocol, telephone etiquette, electronic etiquette, forms of address, conversational etiquette, professional image and much more.   

Event Host Training-No need to outsource your VIP events... besides, who know your clients better than you? Our In-house customized training in the Event Management basics, designed to suit your company's need. Eight companies have been trained their staff in the basics of event research, design, planning, coordination evaluation, administration and protocol and your company can be next!

International Protocol Briefings
Hosting international clients? Be prepared!
BeAttitudes' Protocol Briefings can polish your interactions to be a profitable success.  This service helps you appreciate the  diversity of our global market and accomplish your communication goals. Our briefs outline preferred greetings, cultural customs, dining differences and much more. So pencil us in, before your next your meeting and create an impeccable first impression. 
International briefings offer a premiere experience to your Expat Onboarding process to help reduce relocation anxiety, and prepare for the changes in customs, traditions, language, body language, greetings and more.
Satisfied clients include:
  • Tourism Development Company Limited
  • University of the West Indies Guild of Students
  • Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute
  • Belgroves Funeral Home & Crematorium
  • Rhand Credit Union